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ICSSync is an Android app for syncing calendars between an Android device and an ICS file on a WebDAV server (plain WebDAV or SVN), FTP-server or stored in a file (e.g. your Dropbox-folder). ICS is the iCalendar file format, which is the de-facto standard for distributing digital calendar data. ICSSync provides manual and configurable auto-sync using a background service.

ICSSync is not an app with a user interface for your calendar entries (events). It will only provide a synchronisation service for your selected calendars, that are already existing. It does not handle other iCalendar entries than VEVENTS (read more in the FAQ).

Android Versions:

  • Android 2.2 - 2.3.x: stable, not continued
  • Android 3.x: Currently unsupported
  • Android 4.x: stable


  • ICSSync: Get it from here: https:// market:// AndroidPIT AppBrain  
    • The main app. At first just install this!
    • Offers 20 days trial period for testing purpose.
    • Do not uninstall / remove this app if you decide to purchase the Unlocker!
  • ICSSync Unlocker:
    • At Google-Market: https:// market://
    • At AndroidPIT: AndroidPIT
    • This is just the app to unlock ICSSync through purchase and has no further functionalities or user-interface. Do not uninstall ICSSync before or after you purchased ICSSync Unlocker: You will loose any sync-functionality as well as your configuration and connection to the calendars you have synced before!
    • After purchasing: ICSSync will unlock on the next sync-run or if your on the refresh button in the purchase activity. If you remove ICSSync Unlocker ICSSync will fall back to the testing-mode respectively expired-mode.

Features of ICSSync:

  • Sync one or more ICS-files to your Android device.
  • Handle each synced ICS-file as a separate calendar in your calendar app.
  • Gets ICS-files from HTTP(S), FTP or from file-system.
  • Synchronizes in both ways.
  • Sync your calendars manually or automatically.
  • Set up individual or global intervals for auto-sync.
  • Set sync options depending on your network connection.
    • Import e-mail attachments and local ics files to your Android calendar.

What do you need?

  • An Android device with at least one calendar app.
  • ICSSync!
  • An icalendar file (at least one of the following options):
    • On your file-system (e.g. on your sd-card in your Dropbox-folder).
    • Webserver: Access to a WebDAV-server (plain WebDAV or SVN (Apache Subversion)). Valid Username / password of your account (not needed on public calendars).
    • FTP-Server with access
  • Optional: More devices (computer, tablet, phone, ...) with ICS-supported calendars you want to keep in sync.